Thursday, 28 August 2008

Is Alli The Right Product For Me? Alli Weight Loss

Is Alli The Right Product For Me?

Alli is a beneficial drug to assist in your weight loss efforts. However, in this product’s case, you really do not need to have a prescription for buying weight loss pills. Doctors prescribe Alli for overweight adults, who struggle to get rid of their additional pounds. With its convenient access and weight loss promises, you can really shed your weight considerably. Alli is a low strength version of Xenical (orlistat), a prescription pill to help treat over weight patients. It is an approved pill available over-the-counter to any overweight persons aging 18 years or above 18. Doctors strongly suggest using Alli along with a low fat, low calorie diet and regular workout plan. Alli helps you by cutting down the absorption of fatty substances in your intestines, which reduces the amount of calories you take up. Doctors usually suggest that the patient consumes light meals thrice each day. Avoid eating heavy meals with high fat content, since it only causes redundant effects such as diarrhea, urgent bowel movements, and gas troubles. What are Alli’s Side Effects? While consuming Alli, you may possibly experience bowel changes. Marketing and ad materials refer these changes as treatment effects. These side effects include: • Gas with a greasy anal discharge • Diarrhea or loose stools • Frequent bowel movements • Difficult to control bowel movements These changes in bowel result from the indigestible fat running throughout your digestive system. However, you can restrict the fallouts by taking a low calorie and low fat meal. Alli certainly helps you to reduce your extra pounds, but not greatly. It is likely to cut down only a few pounds. Only a few numbers of studies have shown the efficiency of Alli. You need to avoid consumption of Alli if you: • Do not have any problem of overweight • Take cyclosporine • Have had a surgery of organ transplant • Have problems in absorbing food This drug may pose danger for anyone, who consumes blood-thinning medicines or has thyroid disease or diabetes problems. Overview: According to a few manufacturers, often weight loss happens within the initial six months. Many individuals, who have medicines to cut down weight, regain their weight if they discontinue the intake of medicines. Therefore, to maintain the weight steadily, it is advisable to take Alli for an indefinite period together with low calorie, low fat diet, and regular exercises. A pack of Alli costs $ 60 that includes a diary, reference guides, and medicine supply for one month.

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