Thursday, 7 August 2008

Can The Cabbage Soup Diet Help You To Lose Weight?

Can The Cabbage Soup Diet Help You To Lose Weight?

The cabbage soup diet is a short-term weight loss diet rich in fiber and low in fatty substances. It helps to lose your body weight rapidly. The main emphasis of this diet is simply plain cabbage soup. Dieticians recommend that the more you stick to this diet, the greater will be see a reduction of weight in your body The cabbage soup diet is a seven-day diet plan, aimed to achieve rapid weight loss. On each of these seven days, you can taste a new nutritious food along with the soup. Unlike other dieting plans, the cabbage soup diet is not a long run weight loss resolution. However, you can witness the effectiveness of the diet within a short period of its commencement. This diet offers quick weight loss and at the same time, it lacks nutrition, variety and flavor. During the 7 day diet plan, you mostly will have soups of onion, cabbage, celery, tomatoes, mushrooms and carrots. Dieticians say that most people gain weight due to the dramatic intake of calorie food. This diet plan avoids the consumption of high calorie food and helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Cabbage Soup diet is extremely easy and economical diet. You are able to enjoy having as much as soup you desire during these seven days, to avoid gaining extra weight. Avoid continuing the diet plan for more than seven days or else you may lose essential minerals and vitamins from your body.

Cabbage Soup Diet - 7 Day Diet Plan:
The one week diet plan of cabbage soup diet involves:
• Day-1: All you can have is soup and fruits (avoid bananas). Drink plenty of cranberry juice, water, and sugarless tea.
• Day-2: Take all the vegetables and soup that you desire (avoid peas, corn and beans). Consume a buttered grilled potato at dinner. Avoid taking fruit.
• Day-3: Consume all the fruits, vegetables and soups you desire and nothing else.
• Day-4: Consume soup, not more than 8 bananas and have skim milk.

• Day-5: Have not less than one cup of soup. You can have 10 to 20 oz. of skinless beef or chicken and not more than 6 tomatoes. Drink plenty of water.
• Day-6: Have sufficient vegetables and skinless beef. At the sixth day, you can go ahead with the animal protein. Be sure to add vegetables and salad and avoid mainly carbs. Do not fry the meats and potatoes.
• Day 7: Consume at least one cup of soup. Eat only brown rice, sugarless fruit juice and vegetables.


Honey said...

I went on this diet in high school to lose weight before the prom. I only lasted 2 days because the soup contained too much acid for my body and I ended up breaking out in hives.

YourInsomniaCure said...

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Kathleen Milazzo said...

I would like to do this diet as I love cabbage and soup and fruits and vegetables. The only problem is that I've read you can get really gassy and uncomfortable on it. Oh well. The other problem is that any weight loss diet should be a diet you can stay on for life. You know what will happen with this diet once you go off it and back to your regular diet, you'll put the weight back on and maybe even more than you started with.