Monday, 29 September 2008

Weight Loss Remedy - Overcoming Weight Loss Excuses

Weight Loss Remedy - Overcoming Weight Loss Excuses

We often make excuses when it comes to losing weight. Because of this, we stop ourselves from doing our diet routine, gain more weight and get disappointed in the end. How do you stop making those weight loss excuses? You make many weight loss excuses and it automatically comes in without realizing it. Losing weight is not that easy but you have to discipline yourself. Next time, ask yourself why you make excuses every time you commit it. Some of the most common excuses include:
• No time to do any exercise.

• No time to prepare healthy meals.

• Too old to exercise.

• No enough support

• Not feeling well.

• Bored with exercising.

The excuses mentioned above are just a few. You might have noticed that some are just lame excuses. So how do you stop making those weight loss excuses?
Find out why you are making excuses. Are they acceptable? Or you are just thinking of another better way? If not, then why are you not taking some action? There are some who didn’t like being overweight yet they’re doing nothing about it because they are afraid that they might fail and end up still overweight. Don’t be afraid of change… The way you think will affect how you succeed with your weight loss routine. The more negative you think, the more excuses you’ll commit and fail. Don’t let your low self-esteem win over you. Strive harder for something that is important to you. Lack of time with exercises is the one of the most common used excuses because we are too occupied with other things. Lack of time is not a valid excuse because if we think that losing weight is really important for us, we need to find time to for it no matter how busy we are. Do as much as you can each day and you’ll feel more energetic. In order overcome weight loss excuses, know you need to understand the reason why you’re making an excuse and think its importance to you. Discipline yourself; strive for a happy and healthy you. If you’re having difficulties in losing weight alone, join support groups where you can meet people who can make your weight loss routine successful. Clinically proven products are also available to help you in your weight loss problems, such as Proactol™, a new clinically proven fat binder. It is made of non-soluble and soluble fibers, immediately attaches to fats found floating on the surface of the stomach. This creates a fat-fiber complex that is too large to be absorbed in the small intestine, allowing the fat to pass naturally through the body. In clinical studies, Proactol™ has been proven to bind up to 28% of dietary fat intake. You can take it in after eating. Support groups and clinically proven products such as Proactol™ help you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Manage your weight more easily with Proactol™ for Healthy Weight Loss.


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Rachel said...

I tend to change those excuses to questions such as :

Is it worth the calories?
Will I feel better if I eat this?
Do you really want to be lazy?
Do you deserve to be thin?

I find these can be very motivating!

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Brian Gomez said...

great information about weight loss but I still don't trust pills. They just make you regain back weight loss.

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tdn304 said...

It seems like every day there is something that will come up to stop you from doing what you need. I keep a journal to discuss barriers for my weight loss. This helps keep me motivated. So far I have lost 20 lbs but much more to go.
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